What do you learn in a Masters of creative writing?

Whether you’re looking to improve your English writing skills, expand your creative vocabulary or just start writing again, there are plenty of creative writing master class options. These classes are often taught by renowned authors who have published their own work. These experts can help you develop your craft and get the recognition you want as a writer

One of the best creative writing master class for beginners is taught by bestselling author Judy Blume. In this course, you’ll learn how to develop a story from idea to finished product by examining real-life stories and personal experiences. You’ll also learn about the different aspects of writing, including character development and narrative structure.

The bestselling author of the Little Women series teaches this MasterClass www.writingsamurai.com/product/creative-writing-master-class, which is specifically geared toward writers of young children’s books. She will teach you how to create a story that has heart and is emotionally meaningful. She’ll also teach you how to craft a compelling story with vivid descriptions and realistic characters.

This MasterClass is ideal for aspiring novelists who are ready to produce a publishable manuscript. Each session focuses on intensive instructor and peer analysis and commentary on student material. Participants will write and rewrite extensively, producing up to 20 pages of edited work each week.

A literary icon and celebrated professor, Joyce Carol Oates is an excellent instructor for this MasterClass. She’s a natural storyteller who is able to communicate complex ideas in a simple way. She’s a great guide for novice writers and provides helpful tips that are easily applicable to any writing project.

Science fiction and fantasy author N. K. Jemsin is an award-winning novelist and creator of new worlds and histories. This course focuses on the craft of writing inclusive fiction, with a special emphasis on the importance of incorporating historical and cultural accuracy. The course is based on the popular Broken Earth trilogy and includes lessons in the art of pacing, conflict resolution, worldbuilding and crafting believable characters.

Before turning Stranger Things into a worldwide phenomenon, the Duffer brothers honed their scare tactics on Wayward Pines. In this MasterClass, they will show you how to take your basic idea and turn it into a gripping story arc that draws the reader in. One of the most important messages in this lesson is that “the trashcan is your friend.” Even the best writers will sometimes produce something they’re not happy with, but if you can just shrug it off and try again, you’ll eventually end up with a book that’s worthy of the big screen or bookstore shelves.