How Canopies For Schools Enhance the External Space of Your School?

If you are a school, you understand the importance of having a welcoming environment for students and parents, Ofsted inspectors and other visitors. But this doesn’t just apply to the interior of the building, the exterior of your school needs to look as good as possible too. That’s why so many schools are now investing in outdoor canopies that help to enhance their school’s outdoor space.

In addition to creating extra space for children and adults to move around and relax, school canopies can also be used to protect walkways between buildings, cover breakout educational areas outside of classrooms canopies for schools, protect car park spaces, provide covered sports spectator areas and much more. The applications are incredibly versatile and can suit the requirements of both primary and secondary schools.

Many school children dislike being confined to the insides of their classrooms for long periods of time. Being able to play outdoors, especially during break and lunch times, can make learning far more enjoyable for them. However, this can be difficult to do in the UK where the weather can often be unpredictable. This is where school canopies come into their own, providing an area of protection from the rain so that children can continue to play and learn outside, even if it is pouring down.

Not only does playing outside allow children to burn off excess energy, but it can also benefit their mental health and wellbeing by helping to keep them physically active. Furthermore, it has been found that playing outdoors can even improve a child’s eyesight by reducing the amount of time they spend staring at screens. This is why it’s so important that schools encourage children to play outside as much as possible. By adding a school canopy, this can be easier to do, as it provides them with an area of shelter from the rain where they can play and enjoy the fresh air.

It is also worth mentioning that canopies are extremely safe for children to use as they don’t allow rain or wind to enter the structure, which can cause dangerous debris to fall onto anyone underneath. When choosing a school canopy, it is best to find one that is classed as non-fragile so that you can be sure it will withstand the elements and not pose any hazards. A reputable canopy supplier will be able to advise you on which canopies are suitable and will ensure they meet British Standards.

Lastly, a canopy can be a great way to raise money for the school too by holding events such as fun runs and bake sales in the safety of the canopy. This is particularly helpful for schools in the current financial climate and can be a cost-effective solution to raising funds rather than having to pay for an expensive fundraising project such as a new building or extension.

There are many different designs of canopies available, and a bespoke colour option can be included so that it blends in with the school’s existing surroundings perfectly. As well as being functional, canopy designs can be aesthetically pleasing too.